Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does it take to complete a carpet cleaning job?

A: It takes about 2 hours to complete most jobs, but the actual time it takes will depend upon the size of your house.

Q: How long will it take for my carpet to dry?

A: Most carpets dry within 4 to 24 hours, though the drying time will depend upon the thickness of your carpet as well as the condition of the carpet and the ventilation in the room. Although you can walk on the carpet as soon as we’re done, it is best to avoid heavy foot traffic until the carpet is completely dry. You should also be careful when walking onto a hard surface after walking on a damp carpet, as it can be quite slippery.

Q:  What chemicals are used in your carpet cleaning products?

A:  We use only eco-friendly cleaning products that are both OSHA and EPA compliant. Nonetheless, the products we use are top-rated cleaners that are consistent with industry standards as well as the manufacturers recommendations.

Q: What types of furniture will your service move?

A: Our cleaners will move tables, sofas chairs and any other light furniture. They will not remove exceptionally heavy furniture such as pianos, china cabinets, dressers and beds. Please remove all memorabilia and breakable items from any furniture that you want our cleaners to move.

Q: Will the price you quoted over the phone change after you arrive?

A: When you call to receive a free quote, we will ask an extensive list of questions in order to determine the amount of cleaning that is required. If we arrive and discover that your carpets are stained, damaged or more heavily soiled than described, we may quote additional charges. Your approval is required before going through with additional work, so it is up to you if you want to move forward with the additional charges or not.

Q: Are carpet and fabric protectors effective?

A: Although fabric protectors can’t prevent your carpet from getting dirty over time, they do help prevent permanent stains from setting in. If applied properly, carpet/fabric protection works very well and can extend the life of the carpet or fabric.

Q: How are pet odors and stains treated?

A: Treatment of dog and cat urine requires using a combination of germicides and enzyme surface treatments. This is because cat and dog urine contains alkaline salt crystals that actually absorb moisture from the air. As a result, it never dries completely and it turns into a feeding ground for bacteria that cause staining, discoloration and odor. In more severe cases, the underlying pad may need to be replaced and the floor (slab) may need to be treated as well.

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